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About us.

The registered offices are found in Uganda, Rakai District, Kabira sub county, Kyotera county, Ndolo parish.
To help children achieve education in a healthy, and accessible environment. And also help elderly women, who can no longer support themselves.
To improve the lives of children and elderly mothers in the Area through Education, health care, housing, and loving them those who missed parental love in their homes and communities.

Ø  To help Rehoboth Kids care Uganda to have access to clean water and sanitation.
Ø  To help educate and care for orphan children.
Ø  To solicit scholastic materials for children and Rehoboth Kids Care.
Ø  To bring together Rehoboth Kids Care, students, teachers, parents’ individuals and organizations for the common good.
Ø  To undertake projects and programs aimed at improving educational and health life living conditions for children.
Ø  To compile data and share the same with other NGOs and government departments with a view to assist them with information for development planning.
Ø  To co-operate and network with organizations, bodies or persons local or foreigner who have similar and or the same objectives of the association.
Ø  To generally do all acts for betterment  and fulfillment of  children and that will promote the objectives of the association

Background and our current: Rehoboth Kids Care
Rehoboth Kids Care is a non-government organization located at Rakai District in Uganda. Established in 2008 to care for the needy, Aids victims and vulnerable children in Rakai District, but we believe to extend this to the entire continent of Africa because we share the same problems.

Very many children we cater for are on ARVs, that has pushed us to help them take their medication on time, and whenever he/she needs it.
And elderly women, can’t help themselves, because very many women lost their husbands in the bush war and Aids which was rampant in the 1980s

This idea was birthed after Mrs. Kintu saw a number of children from different part of Uganda becoming arenuisance to the public because of poverty in the areas of Rakai and around the country (Uganda).
Mrs. Kintu being the spear head of this vision.She has put in all her effort, life and all her time to see that a child’s life is shaped and given are better future. Now the center is growing into a big organization running from Babies, Primary pupil and secondary studies. The centerhas received volunteers from different parts of the world helping her on this grate cause, children where Crying in the villages and even on the streets of Kampala, some where being given away in marriage at 12 years by the parents because of poverty in the families, dropping out of education. Fathers sale off their daughters, to men so that they get money to drink alcohol, and cater for their personal needs. In African many parents died of aids, so orphans and vulnerable children are many because of family poverty which has been inherited from the grandparents.

Why Rakai District First.
At the moment we are based in Rakai District because this is the place where Aids began and spread to the other parts of Uganda, during the war rebels raped women which made it possible for HIV spread on a high rate, not only that, but being the remote area very many organizations are not in this place, so Rakai is left behind our children and elderly women are Crying.
We believe with your help we shall touch the entire African continent, where poverty is rampant.

At first we rented an old building for four years using it for class and also sheltering the children. This was a big challenge we had by then, because the Organization was still young, with no funds. Praise God we overcame that problem.
By the grace of God, through friends from Austria theyhelped us to build a permanent building where children are living and learn. They also helped us obtain clean water, because in Rakai District, animals and people share the same wells. So, with that help our children no longer drink that water, praise be to our God.
I believe you can also make a difference in the life of a Crying child by just $1. That dollar can cater for a one day lunch to one child who is starving.

Pass this to all those who have a heart for a Crying child.

The Living Gift Ministries helped, and bought for us 6 acres of land, in the area, were we are doing farming, our Austrian friends built a well on it and also a home. With a building of atleast 5 classrooms was obtain on it.

At the moment 58 kids have are home. The center helps more than 150 children, so, other children we helped them, and sendthem back to their respective homes after school.

The elderly women, receive help from Rehoboth ministries in their respective homes.
But the need is still high. God is with us in everything we do. The work of volunteers from abroad has done as more good, that is the reason why we at Rehoboth, we don’t charge them to volunteer at the center, we provide housing and food, because there help to a Crying child is too valuable.
So we ague you to come and be part of this work, of saving a child and elderly women.
Save a girl child from early marriage, contracting HIV/Aids at such young age, stop child education dropout, girl child dieing while giving birth and child abuse.

Promised to the Nation
We are planning are parental sensitization: the danger of early marriages, and also teaching them the reason why they should love their children.

Rehoboth promise continue this great work, a Cryingchild will be helped from generations to generations. We are dedicated to see a change in the life of an African child and the elderly women.

No more early marriages, aids must be stopped through sanitizingvillagers; education will be provided to the children of our nations, and any help which is in our reach.

Accommodation to the child
Rehoboth Kids Care, accommodates pupils who fully resides at center and those who come and go, from within the Rakia District in Uganda East Africa.We as well teach different skilled work, like carpentry, tailoring, hair dressing, computer training, cookery, farming, and Primary.
The secondary student we have are taken to other schools since, we do not have secondary school at the moment, but we believe in the near future a school will  be put in place as funds increases.

The Center has 5 classes to the pupil who join us. We a looking forward to expand this block due to the demanding situation in our area. Very many pupils have not obtained education in our country; children are loitering on street, learning bad behaviors. It is our duty to help the children of our mother land

Rehoboth Kids Care aims to strengthen kids humanity’s fight against poverty by educating them, social injustice, to be loved and have a brighter future. Through the provision of immediate relief, education and establishment of self-sustaining development programs, we aim to invest in real, effective solutions.
By believe to establishfirm and loyal grass root relationships with local, national and international partners we are able to access some of the most hard to reach places at the most vulnerable of times. 
Rehoboth Kids Care believes that establishing stable health care, education and income generation programmes, paves the way for empowered, self-serving communities.
Through the provision of immediate relief and establishment of sustainable development programmes, we aim to invest in real effective solutions.
We also recognize that the provision of food, medical aid and emergency shelter in times of kids’ humanitarian crises is essential for the immediate preservation of life.
As such, we value the importance of a multidimensional aid approach, and therefore dedicate our time respectively between emergency relief and long term development
Volunteers who choose to be part of this amazing program will be based in a Children’s Community Centre in the RakaiDistrict.
The centre welcomes children from different areas of Uganda, mainly from street children, mistreated children in families, children at risk and children that have very poor parents.
Many families have migrated from different locations of Uganda, mostly from the north of the country, to Kampala in search of a better life and employment opportunities, were they turned into street children and also learning to stealing peoples’ properties
There are around 158 children currently being helped at the centre and they are divided into groups according to their age.

We need volunteers who are creative, compassionate and enjoy working with children to assist the kids with their English language homework, organize fun games and activities as well as helping out in the kitchen with meal preparations. 
Volunteers will be accommodated in a self-catered; we have enough rooms for you and your friend or family. Come let us save this crying child of Africa.

Who is Mrs. Kintu the founder of this Dream.
Mrs. Juliet Kintu is married to Pastor Kintu Henry, who is working hand in hand to see that a crying child is helped.
She is a woman who dedicated her life to the child of this nation, she was born in Rakai district, she lost both her parents, mother died when she was at the age of 1 ½ years and father when she was 5 years, this is the core of her love to the crying child in Rakai District and Africa at large. She grow up with her relative. Therefore, she knows exactly what these children are passing through.

She choose Rakai District because she understands this district very well, she grow up from that place and educated there.

Her heart was moved and troubled to see a child dieing because of poverty, sold to early marriages by their fathers.
Since she has a heat for a crying child and elderly women, she decided to put her love in practical, she has touched a number of children and elderly women.

She is experienced in children. She is a pastor at Fire Deliverance Center, a lot of children have been brought to the church with different problems and some problems were solved through prayers,and counciling.

v  The center still have a problem of little funds.
v  The building is not yet enough, because we believe to help more than 1000 Crying children.
v  Parents need more sensitization.
v  Medical help is still needed
v  Paying staff members
v  Feeding the starving child.
v  Transport for the HIV/Aids children the elderly victims to the health centres. (Van)
v  More land is needed.
v  Computers, sewing machines to the tailoring students, carpentry equipment,
v  More man power, i.e labour